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Laser Lockdown Laser Maze!Come try the areas best new attraction! Laser Lockdown laser maze. An alien spaceship has crash landed into our saloon. We need you to get inside the ship and hit the power button to shut the aliens down. Oh yeah, don't touch any of the lasers protecting the button while you are at it or it will hurt your score. Time is of the essence as the clock is tick tick ticking away while you are attempting to shut down the power. Hurry before time runs out! Laser Lockdown features up to 16 lasers and can be played in an Easy (8 to 9 lasers), Medium (10 to 12 lasers) or Hard (ALL 16 Lasers) mode. Random mode is coming soon where there will always be a random amount of lasers and patterns to beat.

Each Maze Run $3.00 ea. Per Person

4 Play Special$10.00

Each Deluxe Birthday Party comes with a Laser Lockdown token for each participant! Book your birthday party today.